Specification for Recycled Materials

The Roads & Transport Directorate has undertaken a project for the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water to review and update the Specification for Supply of Recycled Material for Pavements, Earthworks and Drainage commonly referred to as the Greenspec.
In the six years since the publication of the first specification there have been significant developments in the science of materials recycling as well as major changes to the legal environment in which recycling takes place. Councils and other government agencies have continued to extend their knowledge in the use of recycled materials in local roads and other construction projects. The existence of an industry specification, coupled with the economic benefits of recycling, has encouraged more councils and practitioners to employ recycled materials in their construction projects.
The aim of this Specification is to encourage local government professionals and other key players within both the private and public works engineering sector to use recycled concrete, brick and asphalt materials. These materials are valuable resources capable of being recovered, processed and used in projects and have important economic, environmental and social benefits.
The Specification sets out the performance standards required of the materials processing industry for the supply of quality recycled materials.
This in turn provides the confidence required in the marketplace.
Download a copy of the 2010 Greenspec (554kb)