The devastating impact of the unprecedented 2019-20 bushfire and flood season demonstrated the need for a renewed and pro-active approach to the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from potential future disasters, which are predicted to be more frequent and severe.

With the critical role of local government in responding to these emergencies, it was necessary to capture the shared lessons learned, as presented in this report. The broad range of assets that local government is responsible for, also places council in a unique position to provide innovative solutions for problems that arise in emergencies.

Through a collaborative approach, practical lessons learned were identified and recommendations were discussed by the working group. This is useful input for when councils prepare emergency response plans and to strengthen the resilience of our local communities in the face of future disasters.

The Lessons Learned Report is available for download with member council access or by registering for free.

Several useful resources were identified from the project. These are listed below:


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