Local Roads Congress 

The Roads & Transport Directorate, in conjunction with Local Government NSW (LGNSW), holds an annual Local Roads Congress at the Parliament House NSW Theaterette. The Local Roads Congress is a full day event covering a wide range of topics that include road safety, risk management, chain of responsiblity, and a look at the sustainable future for transport and freight. The Congress provides an annual forum for local community representatives manageing our road and freight networks to discuss better outcomes for the safe and efficient movement of passengers and freight across the extensive network of local and regional roads in NSW. It is also a great opportunity to be apprised of the latest developments in roads and transport policy and discuss the many challenges that local councils encounter in performing their critical role as road authorities. 

Speakers and panelists include Government Ministers, State MPs, State Regulators, and Local Government representatives. During the Congress, delegates will exchange ideas and develop a formal communiqué which will provide a policy tool to guide future advocacy and direction.