By becoming a member of the IPWEA NSW Roads and Transport Directorate, your Council will have access to a powerful lobby body and a consulting resource which will improve efficiency, avoid duplication and lead the way in NSW towards an integrated approach to asset management.

Tangible benefits of membership include:
  • Asset Management templates and guidance
  • Access to Guides and Publications
  • A big picture approach to Public Transport Issues
  • Powerful and credible advocacy on issues such as the current review of Regional Road Classifications.
  • Operation and maintenance manuals, workshops and forums which are specifically relevant to local roads, free or at discounted costs to members.
  • An annual NSW Local Roads Congress.
  • Access to benchmarking networks
  • The opportunity to be involved at a strategic level and to shape the future of road and transport issues through membership on the Management Committee and/or technical subcommittees.
  • The opportunity for personal professional growth through membership of the Management Committee and/or technical subcommittees.