2019-2020 Achievements

Local Roads Virtual Conference

On the 1st and 15th June 2020, he Directorate in conjunction with LGNSW held the 2020 Local Roads Virtual Conference, “Connecting the Dots”. Elected officials, senior management, practitioners and experts from across NSW were joined by the President of LGNSW Linda Scott and the President of ALGA Mayor David O’Loughlin and Members of Parliament to continue the conversation and agree on solutions on how to work together in order to save lives on local roads and provide high quality infrastructure to local communities.  The conference communique is available here.


The Directorate has continued to publish the monthly newsletter which has been distributed to the General Manager and the Directorate contact in each Council. These newsletters contain more detail about the matters that have been addressed by the Directorate.

Representing Local Government

During the past year the Roads and Transport Directorate represented member’s interests in a variety of forums.
Member of the Technical Assessment Panel for:

  •   Fixing Country Roads Program
  •   Federal Bridge Renewal Fund
  •   Fixing Country Rail Program
  •   Transport for NSW Level Crossing Working Group
  •   NAMS Meetings
  •   Street Opening Coordination Council (SOCC) Meetings

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Committees:

  •   Road Maintenance Council Contracts (RMCC) Steering Committee
  •   Farm Gate Access Pilot Project

Six Submissions

The Directorate’s programme in the current year has included the following projects and formal submissions:

  •   Staysafe Committee - Inquiry into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads
  •   Submission on the Building Stronger Foundations Discussion Paper
  •   NTC - Easy access to suitable routes
  •   Submission on the IPART Review of the Local Government Rating System
  •   Submission on the IPART Review of Reporting and Compliance Burdens on Local Government
  •   Submission on the IPART Review of Local Government Compliance and Enforcement

All submissions are available here.

Five New Publications

During the year The Directorate released the following Publications:

  •   BRIDGE design Guide
  •   Crashes while overtaking Heavy Vehicles.
  •   Standard Drawings
  •   Asset Benchmarking Project Reports
  •   Supervisors handbook

Five Committees

The Directorate is supported by:

  •   Management Committee
  •   Bridge Working Party
  •   Technical Committee
  •   Transport Working Party
  •   Road Safety Panel


  •   Each of the 12 Regional Group Forums conducted in 2020
  •   2020 Local Roads Conference
  •   Several IPWEA Regional Group Meetings

2020-2021 Initiatives and Training


  •   Quality Control System for Local Government
  •   Resilience and disaster recovery
  •   Asset Management Principles
  •   Next generation transport solutions:

                o Smart cities
                o Autonomy
                o Trackless Trams

  •   Increased freight task and local roads


  •   Council Road Safety Strategic Plans
  •   Conduct Road Inspections
  •   Bridge Management
  •   Bridge Load Assessment
  •   Flexible pavement design
  •   Compaction and pavement construction
  •   Roads maintenance and repairs
  •   Sustainable Roads