Regional Road Transfer and NSW Road Classification Review

Last February 2019, the NSW Government announced that up to 15,000 kilometres of regional roads would be transferred to the State as part of a broader package of support for local councils to better manage and maintain the rural road network.

The NSW Road Classification Review (Classification Review) is a key initiative identified in Future Transport 2056 and seeks  to make adjustments to the classification policy framework and update the road network to align with the ‘Hub and Spoke’ Transport Network Model and the ‘Movement and Place’ Framework.

An Independent Panel has been established to:

  • provide advice on the process for the transfer of regional roads and the  review of the road classification policy framework for the NSW road network;
  • identify eligible roads that could be transferred to the NSW Government;
  • provide advice and make recommendations to government on the prioritisation of any regional roads for transfer to the NSW Government;
  • to consult with councils and other key stakeholders on the transfer of regional roads and the future road classification policy framework for the NSW road network;
  • provide an analysis of the financial implications of recommended road transfers for both the NSW Government and local councils, particularly as to how this may affect grants and financial assistance councils currently receive;
  • ensure consideration is given to maintaining local employment in roads maintenance works, such as through Roads Maintenance Council Contracts;
  • ensure a balanced and logical approach to the allocation of state and regional roads; and,
  • ensure recommendations in relation to the potential transfer of regional roads and the classification policy framework for the NSW road network are based on sound economic and planning principles that support the customer and network outcomes identified in Future Transport 2056.

The Independent Panel is comprised of:

  • Ms Wendy Machin (Chair)
  • Mr Peter Duncan AM
  • Ms Jillian Kilby
  • Mr Peter Tegart
  • Mr John Roydhouse
  • Mr Michael Kilgariff

For more information, visit the Transport for NSW website.