Road Asset Benchmarking Project 2019 – Deadline extended

Over the past two decades, local governments have committed significant resources to the pursuit of responsible asset management and financial and reporting as identified in a recent report submitted in Hobart to the Institute of Public Works Conference by IPWEA in response to the 2019 Infrastructure Audit findings[1].     

It is important that all NSW councils take the opportunity to complete this data update so that each progressive report can continue to represent a true picture of the extent and condition of the regional and local road networks and identify any changes since 2017 and improve our asset management reporting into the future.  This is essential if we are to acquire adequate funding to maintain our community’s assets.

As we are aware there has been increased attention recently on bushfire risk that is affecting many communities across NSW combined with the focus on water shortages in many areas’ councils are facing many additional challenges to their resources and these challenges are expected to increase.  Avenues for communicating these challenges such as the Road Asset 

Benchmarking Project provide invaluable information to contribute to maintaining & improving or crucial infrastructure for future generations. 


We have opened the data collection for the 2019 Benchmarking Update in late September 2019 and have contacted you by email and by post to provide the survey information as detailed below.  Due to the recent unprecedented events in NSW in recent months we are providing an extension to the data collection period to allow you sufficient time to login and update your data from Friday 31st January 2020 to the new date of Friday 28th February 2020.  

For more information, please contact:


IPWEA Mick Savage, email:

JRA     Cherie Lee, email: or phone: (02) 4751 7657



[1] Verity, S, 2019, Are Things Getting Better, Staying the Same, Or Getting Worse…?, International Public Works Conference, 25-28 August 2019