Engineering Lessons Learned from Current Disaster Recovery Project

Current inquires have identified many valuable improvements, but only with limited technical improvement opportunities included. The purpose of this initiative is to capture technical engineering lessons learned from the 2019/20 bushfire and flood season.

The proposed approach to achieving this is to: 

  • Gather lessons learned: using case studies from local council and public work professionals involved in recovery efforts
  • Publish these findings, highlighting common themes, so it can be used to make road and transport infrastructure more resilient to future natural disasters
  • Engage with different groups involved to evaluate and implement their feedback

Garry Hemsworth will be the Chair of this Working Group. Garry is the Director at Mid Western Regional Council and recently retired from the IPWEA NSW and ACT board.

If you or your council organisation are interested to contribute and be part of this initiative, please let us know. 
We also welcome any thoughts and suggestions as we launch this initiative, to make it of practical relevance and real contribution to our local communities.

For more information on this project and other exciting current projects, contact us at