Road Asset Benchmarking Project

The Roads & Transport Directorate commissioned the Road Asset Benchmarking Project to provide a snapshot of the current reported condition of Regional and Local Roads in NSW, an estimate of the shortfall in funding necessary to bring them to a satisfactory condition and specific recommendations about rectification of the problems identified.
The project was executed by Jeff Roorda & Associates with the first reports being launched at the Local Roads Congress in December 2005. The project resulted in the publication of two reports titled: Road Management and Timber Bridge Management.Further data collection was completed in November / December 2005 and an updated version of the two reports was released in January 2006.
Latest Benchmarking Surveys
Additional Benchmarking Surveys have been carried out every two years to identify changes that have occurred and to establish trends in asset management. Each two years, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2017 two reports titled Road Asset Benchmarking Project - Road Management Report and Road Asset Benchmarking Project - Timber Bridge Management Report have been published as part of this project. The 2017 reports were launched at the 2018 NSW Local Roads Congress in June 2018.
Copies of all reports are available from the list below. 
2019 Reports