A risk-based approach to managing road defects

Local government in NSW is responsible for over 165,000km of roads, including local and regional roads. Road operators have a duty of care to make sure road and transport assets are fit for purpose and safe to use by the community.

Inspecting road and transport assets to identify defects and managing known defects are an essential part of the responsibility of the road operator.

The purpose of this manual is to provide technical guidance and training to improve the skills of council staff involved in the inspection and management of local and regional road assets and to assist councils to maintain quality infrastructure to the community.

The manual presents councils with the background and methodology for carrying out road inspections and managing hazards and defects across their council road network.

To manage liability issues related to road defects it is essential for councils to have qualified road inspectors and a system to manage defects identified.

The manual is aligned with the guidance and training previously developed by Roads and Maritime Services NSW (RMS) and recently updated by Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The Manual is available for download with member council accesss or by registering for free.


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