Clear Zones on Rural Roads

Roads & Transport Directorate Members from the Murray ROC Engineers Group have requested that guidelines be prepared on appropriate Clear Zones on rural roads. The Engineers are concerned that they and/or their Councils could be liable in the event that of a vehicle accident involving a tree that is considered to be too close to the road.
This matter was raised at the last Roadside Environment Committee Meeting. Discussion revealed that a research project on this issue was carried out by ARRB in 2005. This report has not been circulated.
The Summary of this document states:
This project aims to provide a practical approach for local road managers that will provide guidance on decision making with respect to managing roadside hazards, particularly trees, while minimising any adverse impacts on the natural environment. The approach taken has been to provide a balanced decision process which can be applied to road segments or a particular location. It does not attempt to define clearance distances from the edge of the road or heights above the road, but rather provides guidance on how to objectively assess the level of safety versus environmental risk at a particular site.
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